What is sunscreen?

Sunscreen includes active ingredients that help prevent the sun’s UV radiation from reaching your skin.

Sunscreens are products which when applied to the skin in enough quantity and frequency offer some protection from UV radiation.  They act by reducing the UV radiation. No sunscreen products provide 100% protection from UV radiation.

Sunscreen must be reapplied every two hours when staying outdoors for a prolonged period of time. People with sensitive skin who burn quickly should always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more.

All people, including children, should apply sunscreen to their face and hands each morning.

Sunscreens are not just for sunny days at the beach during summer. It is important to remember to use sunscreens whenever you are outdoors for more than 20 minutes – this includes times when you are skiing in the snow and even on cloudy days.

Ensure that sunscreens are not relied on as the sole protective measure against UV radiation. The most important factor is sun minimization, and this is best achieved through seeking the shade and using sun protective clothing including a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses.


WHO: Everyone under the sun
WHAT: Broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher; SPF 30 or higher for a day outdoors
WHEN: Every day; 30 minutes prior to going outdoors. Reapply every two hours
WHERE: All exposed skin
HOW: One ounce (shot glass full) to entire body for each application
WHY: Reduce your risk of skin damage and skin cancer!