Skin Cancer Detection

Unlike internal cancers, skin cancer is one of the few cancers that can readily be seen simply through visual inspection. It is laid out on the canvas of life for all to see, however, this is not always easy! The best way to find skin cancer in its early phase is through checking your skin for unusual or new spots on a regular basis, and seeing your skin cancer doctor at regular intervals. If you notice an irregular, unusual or new spot then don’t delay, even if it is located at a site where there has been no sun exposure. Do something about it. Consult a doctor, preferably one with expertise in skin cancer diagnosis.

Skin cancer doctors are trained in the visual inspection of the skin, using good lighting and magnification, to detect all types of skin cancers. With the aid of a dermoscope, skin cancer doctors can assess the patterns of skin lesions and determine which ones are likely to be cancerous. A skin biopsy where the cells are studied under a microscope may be required to test for skin cancer. In general there are no blood tests, scans, x-rays or other medical tests that are suitable for the early detection of skin cancers.